For a new generation of sensitive service led women moving beyond self doubt and & claiming the bigness of their message, mission, & offerings

A 3 or 6 month group coaching somatic & business incubator for space holders, coaches, & conscious creators who no longer want overwhelm, anxiety, and playing small to stop them from effectively communicating & being seen in their work.

Join June 2024 Enrollment

You are damn good at what you do & know how needed your gifts are & still your nervous system doesn't feel safe to hold the level of impact you want to make... yet.

Are you done finding perfectly logical reasons to not be ready to become more visible in the business your soul is here to create?

💫 You’re convinced you have to figure it all out alone. You’re a recovering hyper – independent that is straight up frustrated and just not having as much fun as you know you could be bringing your work to the world. 

💫 You’re kind of treating your work as a hobby, waiting to finally be ready enough, qualified enough, have the perfect strategy/formula, permission, belief,  followers, to actually fully show up and go for it in the way you actually long to… and on some level you know it’s BULLSHIT!

💫 Your survival responses have taught you to be adaptive, shrink, and play small. As much as you hate it, it’s actually  way safer for you to stay behind the scenes, comparing, consuming other peoples content, because that way you don’t ever have to fail, or risk actually being successful. 

💫 Perhaps you’ve been frozen with overwhelm instead of taking risks, speaking UP,  ASKING, OFFERING & actually OWNING the magic you’re here to facilitate in the world

Are you more committed to feeling comfortable or creating what it is you actually want in the world?

This Incubator IS about working with fear, not against it, & tapping into the infinite creative power flowing through your body to be of service for a mission that only you have.

Each of you will go through a different process & learn from one another in ways you cannot predict. You will come together to feel, take action, collaborate, inspire, be inspired in a group of highly committed service led women claiming theif gifts and taking up space. 

You will be held accountable to show up with consistency, devotion, to speak, to get feedback and learn to articulate  your message, & not fall victim to Patriarchal culture’s expectations of what it is to be worthy, successful, and loved as you train your body to hold the bigness of your work. 

This Incubator is NOT

about fixing yourself, being more, doing more, or following some other person’s fake ass formula. It is not a group course where you will be told what to do and when to do it, what to say and how to say it. You’ve already had plenty of this. This space is about collaboration, amplification, and letting your own knowing be your greatest compass in your business and offerings.

Here's what we're going to do...

Dare to play in the unfamiliar, the uncharted territories, ride fears edges, & discover the infinite creative resources flowing through you.

Bishop Reid

Enrollment Specifics:

Fall Enrollment 2024 Waitlist

What's included?

What makes this space different?

The Approach…

Discovering a way to combine online service led businesses & creation in a way that is deeply aligned with the intuitive creative nature of the body is my jam.
I lead my clients by working with the incredible power of the nervous system, somatic body, & the energetic & emotional charges that are stored in your system. Nothing is bypassed when it comes to business. In fact I believe true success and creative potential can only come when the entirity of each individual is on board with what wants to be created. This is where most mindset work/ coaching/ and various marketing sales strategies, no matter how brilliant, fall short.  I am trained to peel back the layers of survival patterning that keep you from creating what it is you actually want, to continue to release stuckness and get you taking action to birth,  grow  & effectively communicate what it is you actually came here for.

My Background.

I started my online business in 2020 and grew it internationally and eventually to a full time income in the last several years. It  has supported a nomadic and adventurous lifestyle I never would have thought was possible especially without compromising my values with the work that I deeply love and am here to do.  

I studied business marketing & sales with over 10 years professional experience from working with online influencers to designing experiences for leadership & management consulting firms.  I am trained in trauma informed somatic work, transformational breathwork facilitation,  Possibility Management Conscious Feelings work, & self study in IFS somatic parts work. I have created online courses, hosted & facilitated  retreats, leadership trainings & designed  transformational experiences for international festivals & corporate teams. 

Impact Incubator topics we cover…

  • Brand essence work – messaging, positioning, effective & integral copywriting that converts with right and ready clients
  • Visibility coaching – navigating fear and taking actions towards  showing up more affectively both online & offline 
  • Creating a sustainable offering suite & business eco system funnel for you and your brand
  • Pricing & launching your creations in nourishing, sustainable ways 
  • Distilling, refining & narrowing your offers
  • Business Energetics
  • Somatic led strategy
  • Ceremonial & therepeutic led breathwork journeys to move through stagnation throughout
  • Nervous system healing & expansion practices/ routines to build resiliency 
  • Possibility Management Conscious Feelings Work with Emotional Healing processes. 


" Bishop was the midwife for me to birth myself & my business. She helped me come into my purpose and my self-acceptance in big ways. I gained so much strength, clarity, & purpose from my time in this space."
- Anonymous

" In this Incubator Bishop has created a structure, which feels more like a nest, to make it possible for magic to happen when women gather and show up for themselves and their businesses. I am in awe of how each woman brings her value to the space with her unique wisdom. I'm grateful to be apart of a team of fierce, powerful and inspiring women that are willing to face their biggest fears and keep going to create the impact they desire to have. The combination between the feeling and healing, somatic/nervous system led work and the more practical part of putting myself and my offers out there, marketing, etc really makes this a one of a kind incubator. "

I am consistently touched by and in awe of how Bishop shows up, as a spaceholder, as a human, and a sister. I feel her deep commitment to me and the other women she holds space for, where she acts as a neutral vessel of love, which wants us to be fully empowered. She also embodies this with her own practice and I am grateful to experience her unique combination of somatic and inner navigation tools to create a sustainable way of expanding into the fullest version of myself, my creation and impact. -Jacqueline

Investment Specifics

Taster Tier Enrollment
3 Months

Pay in full $2,550

or 3 monthly payments of $875

Member Tier Enrollment
6 Months

Pay in Full  $4,050

or 6 Monthly Payments of $695

*Parity Pricing is available: If you live and work in a country with lower relative purchasing power please send me an email with your details and I’ll be happy to offer you a discount 

See for the in person part that is offered to this space

If something in your body is pulling you forward into this expansive space...

meaning you feel BOTH the sensations of  FEAR & EXCITEMENT and you sense this space will fuel your fire to create and make an IMPACT, please fill out the waitlist for the next enrollment period below. 

 Know someone committed to making an impact with their project, service, or idea who is holding space and creating a new culture? Send them the details to this incubator & you will receive $100 for each referral that signs up

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You are the one you've been waiting for”