Take up SPACE, CREATE from Source, & LIVE your mission.

A somatic & business incubator for next culture facilitators and creators to become more visible, create more authentically, and be led by the wisdom of their body

The IMPACT you have directly correlates to the conditioning of your nervous system

You've been conditioned...

Conditioned to figure it all out alone, to numb yourself with SELF DOUBT because you think what you have to offer & how you need to be “useful” to the world should look a certain way. You wait to finally be ready enough, qualified enough, have enough money, permission, belief,  to show up… I call BULLSHIT!

Your survival responses have taught you to be adaptive,  to not attract too much attention, to give your center away to others thinking they know best. 

Maybe you’ve had no examples of what it looks like to create & hold space from your center. Maybe your nervous system is wired to perfection, hyper-independence, & certainty. Therefore you’ve been frozen & shrinking instead of taking risks, speaking UP, being SEEN, ASKING for support, and OFFERING from your center of AUTHORITY & OWNING what it is YOU WANT to share. 

Are you more committed to feeling comfortable or creating what it is you actually want in the world?

This Incubator IS about creating space for Source & the infinite creative resources flowing through your body to be your compass

Each of you will go through a different process & learn from one another in ways you cannot predict. We will come TOGETHER to FEEL, take ACTION, collaborate, to inspire and be inspired in a group of highly committed women.

You will be held accountable to not fall victim to Patriarchal culture’s expectations of you and what it is to be worthy, successful, and loved as you train your body to hold the bigness of your creative life force!

Learn the language and rhythm of all 5 of your bodies, create space for what you want, & allow creation to come through your being UNINHIBITED, AND feel NOURISHED, ENERGIZED and ALIVE while doing it!

This Incubator is NOT

about fixing yourself, being more, making more, doing more, or following some other person’s formula. It is not a group course where you will be told what to do and when to do it, what to say and how to say it. You’ve already had plenty of this.

In IMPACT you will...

Dare to play in the unfamiliar, the uncharted territories, ride fears edges, & discover the infinite creative resources flowing through you.

Bishop Reid

The Specifics:

When? Enrollment periods in Dec 2023, & March,June, September 2024)

Where? Online with an in person immersion option summer 2024. 

Next Enrollment period in March 2024 (Sign up for the waitlist at the bottom of this page)

What is included:

*(Opportunity to book more sessions with me as needed at a lower cost than usual  throughout duration of the incubator. Standard cost of a one off private session is $300. Cost for Impact members during the container is $200.)

What makes this space different?

I do not believe in a one size fits all solution. I am trained in trauma informed breathwork  &  somatic facilitation,  Possibility Management Conscious Feelings work, self study in IFS parts work, in addition to having 9 years of professional marketing and sales experience. 

I do not have a proven formula or some boring step by step process that worked for me or someone else.  I take an intuitive and nervous system led approach in all of my containers and we work with the power of your own nervous system, intuition, and feeling body as we peel back the layers of your survival patterns and bring forward what is actually meant to be offered and created through you

Strategic & Somatic Tools Utilized In The Space

  • Somatic parts work 
  • Transformational Breathwork Journeys 
  • Nervous system healing sessions and expansion exercises throughout
  • Possibility Management Conscious Feelings Work & Emotional Healing processes (EHP)
  • Archetypal work to awaken new possibility in your Soma
  • Pricing & launching  offers in new and playful ways
  • Brand messaging/ positioning/ effective & integral copywriting 
  • Distilling & narrowing your offers


If something in your body is pulling you forward into this expansive space...

meaning you feel BOTH the sensations of  FEAR & EXCITEMENT and you know this space will fuel your fire to create and make an IMPACT, please fill out the 


 Know someone committed to making an impact with their project, service, or idea who is holding space and creating a new culture please send them the details to this incubator & you will receive $100 for each referral that signs up

Shoot me an email if you have more questions

Investment Specifics

The Sample Tier:
3 Month Commitment Investment

Pay in Full  $2,550

or 3 Monthly Payments of $885

The Member Tier:
9 Month Commitment Investment

Pay in Full  $4,950

or 9 Monthly Payments of $600

* Limited Longer Term Payment Plan available in Early Bird

*Parity Pricing is available: If you live and work in a country with lower relative purchasing power please send me an email with your details and I’ll be happy to offer you a discount 

*Next Enrollment period is in March 2024 – apply to waitlist

(Please Note: The Travel & In person Retreat cost is not included. This is booked separately)

You are the one you've been waiting for”