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Hi, I’m Bishop!

writer, facilitator, marketing nerd, peanut butter addict, Spotify playlist maker,  and passionate explorer of what it means to be fully human. 

Formally, I am a somatic based business coach and trauma informed breathwork & mindfulness certified facilitator.  What does that even mean? I help people take conscious control back in their business and personal life through nervous system lead work so they can return to and reclaim the wisdom within their body. We are constantly inundated with opportunities to outsource this inner knowing that we all have, giving away our sense of inner authority & power to a partner, parent, the next fad, doctor, guru, coach, or even healer. Throughout the last years deep in the work, I started asking myself  better questions like, “What if I was the one that knew better than anyone else what I needed and the value I have to offer the world?” Revolutionary, I know… 

My personal journey continues to direct me back to the wisdom within. From navigating an abusive relationship, eating disorders, cancer, leaving the corporate world, living in community, to my  journey as an entrepreneur and running a successful online business; I know first hand the power and sense of vitality that comes from  reconnecting to the wisdom within and knowing how to value and share the unique gifts you have to offer the world.  This is the work I am deeply driven to guide people through because I know what it’s like to live and create from a dis-regulated traumatized state, to feel powerless, and unworthy in my business and personal life. 

Are you looking to connect with your breath more deeply, trust your body again, and learn how to regulate your nervous system to feel less anxious? Or, are you looking to fully step into your business from a more empowered aligned place, charge what you’re worth, and share your gifts more effectively with the world? Allow me to guide you along this journey back to your inner authority.  Know you are capable and everything you have ever wanted is already lying within you waiting to be recognize

Let’s explore shall we? 

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