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Bishop is deeply passionate about personal development which led her to spend years studying a diverse set of ideologies– from ancient eastern philosophy to mindfulness and mental health — to deeper somatic practices such as breathwork. Her work has taken her to the White House, to Brazil, to corporate America, and as a teacher who is sharing her life’s work.

Attending an all-girls boarding school on the East Coast, Bishop became acutely aware of the issues many girls struggle with growing up. This began her journey of listening, understanding, and supporting other women. By 19, she became one of the youngest White House interns in the Obama administration. She felt an even deeper call to help others as she took constituent calls on behalf of the President, observing just how much of the population suffered.

After working in roles in sales and marketing, Bishop found her true calling when she was tapped to lead multi-cultural mindfulness and self-growth programs in Florianopolis, Brazil. After almost two years in Brazil, Bishop returned to the US to consult for corporate clients, lead teams, and help professionals to achieve self-mastery.

Bishop believes you must look at the whole body – the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of being human in order to reach your full potential. She currently works with corporate teams and purpose led professionals to get to the root of unhelpful behaviors, access greater levels of energy, and adopt the practices necessary to get out of their own way and live life at full capacity.

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