What’s your story?

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Sometimes we have to leave what we know to find what we truly KNOW.

Today I write to you from a little garden cafe in Bolognia, Italy. 

It is 101 degrees, every single part of my body is sweating. I’ve had 2 showers in the last week, one of which came from amountain lake and another from a water fountain at a nearby camping site,  and I’ve never felt more ALIVE.

Last week I went entirely offline as I took my first ever proper vacation since starting my business 2 years ago. How did that happen??  Welcome to being your own boss…


I am living in my best friend’s van and hiking our way through the Mountains in Austria and Italia and now about to eat and work our way through Tuscany, and I have to say something in me has been restored. Something beyond words. However, as a writer it is my deepest desire to put this experience into a short story so that some part of you, even if it’s a sliver, may understand.

Everyday these days I am awakening to a new adventure, and one that is not always sexy and not always to be romanticised. I am holding more uncertainty in my body than I ever thought I could handle. I am running a business from a shared office that is also our bedroom, that also happens to be our car, our kitchen, closet, and bathroom (minus the toilet part). This is not my forever but is my right now and although parts of me are screaming for certainty and grounding there is a bigger part that is realizing I am living a reality little Bishop only dreamed about years ago.

It’s your story to tell.

As you can imagine, there is a story to tell with each mile, each town, each bite of food, in every breath that is taken.  More than anything, this trip with my little German crew has inspired me to become an even better storyteller. Why? 

Because I have a story to tell, we all do. Will I be present enough, awake enough, daring enough to live it to the fullest and co create with this magical universe as I go?

I am re realizing this is one of the greatest skills of all time, to live, to co- create, and awaken to the INSANE living organism that is your story. I think this is why I love traveling so much along with the work I do as a Somatic business coach. I get to learn people and what matters to them, their culture, their stories in ways I typically wouldn’t and watch them evolve over time.

The amazing thing is that no person’s story is better or worse than any others and it’s also not static.  In fact it can’t be, because your story is uniquely yours and mine is only and will only ever be mine. No one else can tell my ever evolving story like I can, which is why I must tell it and uncover the gold along the way. I can’t possibly know how it will all be told, but, I can start, and that’s the beginning of at least some part of the story. 

When we decide to live our stories, to really fully inhabit them, we decide to OWN everything that has made us who we are today, the pleasant and not so pleasant. And when we OWN IT, we HONOR IT. 

Continuing to see, feel and EMBODY this co-creative story of mine enables me  FEEL, to acknowledge, to witness and more than anything to discover a love for all of it, all of me, whether I’m vanlifing through Italy, or in my hometown in the mountains of North Carolina running errands for my mom and I. 

Write like it matters.

Writing makes stories become more real for me, yes it limits them but at the same time it makes them even more possible. I think the same goes for anything we create in life. The moment we give words to a feeling, bring a project to life by getting specific about who it’s for or what it’s about,  we have indeed limited it. And there is NOTHING wrong with that because anything and everything in the physical has limits and that doesn’t make it any less important. 

Things need defining, they often need limits. There is a time for limits and a time for the limitless. We must know when one is being called on over the other, just like there is  a time to tell a story and a time to fully inhabit it, to really live it. 

My computer is dying, my cappuccino is finished, Lottie needs her ball to be thrown, and my spidy senses are telling me its time to live it now. To another day of stories 🙂 

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