The Sacred Self.

A 21 day journey
guiding you through
the art of self-inquiry and
body based practices for a
deeper connection with self .

What is the Sacred Self?

Experience a 21 day guided journey through 3 main phases of cultivating a profound relationship with the deepest parts of yourself. 

You will receive a carefully curated e-booklet to help you kick off each day with awareness and intention. Each day will include a pre recorded link to a guided audio/video practice that pairs along with the Sacred Self booklet’s daily prompt & reflective theme to carry with you into your day. This will assist you in implementing a consistent daily practice of prioritizing your nervous system and overall  well being into your routine. 

What is included?

  • The full Sacred Self 21 day devotional e-booklet with guided prompts and practice.
  • 15 pre-recorded guided body based practices that align with the daily e-booklet prompts to kick off your day with awareness & intention
  • Option to join The Sacred Self Telegram channel to connect and gain support with others from all over the world that are also on the journey of devoting to self. 

Each day within a 30 minute timeframe you will practice…

  • Nervous system regulation techniques
  • Somatic Self Inquiry (body based inquiry)
  • Daily Reflective Writing
  • Guided Meditations
  • Guided Visualization
  • The art of contemplation 
  • Breathwork practices

You will find this experience extends beyond just the 30 minutes of practice each morning, but rather invites you to live your life as your practice. 

Gain tools to reprogram patterns and shift your awareness to create a connection to self that is intimate, honest, & meaningful.

Preview The Sacred Self E-Booklet and the phases you'll experience within each week

About The Facilitators...

Bishop Reid

As a somatic guide and trauma informed breathwork & mindfulness certified facilitator, Bishop designs and facilitates transformational experiences all over the world for corporate teams and individuals. Her work involves empowering others to learn to work with their nervous system and the wisdom of their own body. Bishop facilitates a trauma informed space where individuals can learn to reprogram safety and trust in their body again and begin to reclaim a profound sense of awareness and inner authority in themselves. 

Kaley Korfike

Kaley Korfike is an experienced quantum meditation and intuitive guide for new earth leaders. The heart of her work involves utilizing the deeper brain wave states to reprogram outdated-paradigms that no longer serve, in order to clear space for true sovereignty and personal power. Kaley has found her passion in service to others within spiritual life-coaching, hypnosis, online course creation, and leading retreats all over the globe. Through her own journey diving into deeper realms within, she has found that all alchemy is possible when we bring awareness to this 95% beneath the surface.



"Hands down the most profound, heart-centered and truly beautiful mini (but not so mini) journey I have ever experienced. Falling in love with myself has been the greatest gift, and something we all need often. My life has been wonderfully transformed. I’m still returning to these meditations and breathwork sessions several times a week, any time I need to come back to my self. There are no adequate words to express my level of gratitude for this incredible offering of space & love Kaley & Bishop created."


"I went through the Sacred Self experience guided by Kaley and Bishop during a time in my life that was very unsettled. The experience was beautiful. Being a part of this group, whether I was able to make the live meetings or followed along on my own with the recording after, gave me a structure to explore myself profoundly. I felt myself open, in parts of me I haven’t been able to reach on my own."


"I am at the beginning of my Spiritual Awakening and the Universe sent me The Sacred Self experience. I spent most of my life living in fear/ beliefs that I was taught which prevented me to experience many opportunities. I stepped outside my comfort zone and signed up to learn more through Breathwork and exploring my fears, self-critiques, and most importantly Loving Myself. I would look outside myself for Love and pleasure all of my Life. TSS made me realize that I have so much love inside me to spread to everyone, especially to myself. When Bishop & Kaley open another TSS Journey, I will be signing up to take it again since I learned and expanded so much."


"The TSS container gave me such accountability to be devoted towards myself again. I was giving so much to everyone else and not enough to me and now I feel so much more myself. Re-dedicating the mornings to myself I really felt the transformation. I am so grateful for all of the teachings, practices and abundance of resources in this experience that I now can go to. There were such a aha moments throughout TSS. Through the phases we went through I discovered I am my own most valuable source of love and my own best lover. I am so grateful."


The TSS journey came at the perfect time for me. I’m moving through a divorce and all of the self reflection and embodiment practices in TSS have helped me to move with intention and consciously navigate my way into this next phase of my life. Deepening my understanding, self compassion and self love relationship with myself has set the tone for other relationships going forward. Thank you so very much for being the guiding light in that process.

The Sacred Self.

A carefully curated devotional e-booklet that includes daily pre recorded guided audio/video practices. Enhance your awareness levels through daily breath, meditation, and self inquiry prompts as you reprioritize & intimately rediscover your inner connection.