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I help equip content creators in the personal & professional development space with the tools, systems, and support needed in order to reach the right people and transform their content into more meaningful, connective and profitable learning experiences online.

My aim is that through our work together you will find greater depths into the why and purpose behind your brand, enabling you to innovate and create in ways that didn’t seem possible to you before. Let’s make the experience of sharing your message with the world playful, effective, and sustainable for you.

My Background

For years, I have been deeply driven by creating impactful human centered brands that are highly authentic, unique, and have the potential to enhance the way people think, feel, innovate, and collaborate with one another. I have worked within a variety of atmospheres from contributing to corporate leadership consulting companies’ coaching solutions & content strategy, helping influencers maximize their platforms, to helping small personal brands like coaches, consultants, or retreat centers all over the world, nail their messaging and enhance their content delivery in a way that leads to greater value and increased conversion. I have seen a lot of what works well and what does not when it comes to sharing content online in impactful ways. I love helping others explore new approaches that enhance the experience, meaning, and overall value they deliver to consumers.

Are you a creative purpose led content creator with a million and one ideas and a desire to share your content with the world and make it a lucrative business at the same time? Are you looking for ways to innovate, form successful online communities, or provide unique engaging learning experiences for your audience that contributes to their personal and professional growth? 

All of the above can feel overwhelming and intimidating, especially when it seems like everyone else out there is doing it too. I help you overcome the inevitable roadblocks you face when sharing your content in meaningful ways. 

The 3 Phase Approach

Designed for content creators looking to establish and grow their brand & business online who seek support with overall content strategy + platform growth.

  • You will receive 1 to 1 accountability +  structure to keep you clear, focused, organized, and consistently taking small steps to achieve your desired outcome.

  • You will learn systems of execution that are sustainable and set you up for consistent growth, content output, and conversion.

  • You will learn methods that help you break down the overwhelm of your marketing strategy into bite-sized pieces, be able to clearly evaluate your brand’s top priorities, goals, and next actions steps

  • Your outcome will be a content marketing strategy you feel confident in that provides value and leads to customers 

1. Foundation:

We work through various mindfulness practices to enhance your focus, train your attention, and connect you with your inner most essence. These practices are designed to get you confidently owning your voice, and out of your own way so you can successfully share your gifts with the world. Some of the methods I use are backed my science and heavily researched coming from psychology based interventions such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, The iPEC Coaching Training Energy Management model, and the Mindfulness Teaching Certification Program from Mindfulness Exercises.

2. Expression: 

Acting alongside component one we  translate the story of you to building your highly relevant brand identity online, where you put your unique creative genius to work in service of the world. In this phase we work through some of the following

  • Overall content marketing strategy
  • Proper targeting to ensure you’re reaching the right people online  
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • Structuring your content in a way that engages
  • Brand positioning & honing in on your offering 
  • Launch strategies depending on where you are in the stages of your business.

3. Expansion:

We then look at various brand growth strategies through owned and earned media opportunities, partnership, and creatively looking at ways of expanding your platform and products in a values aligned manner.

Platform growth sessions may include,

  • Email marketing/ newsletter strategy
  • Best practices for collaborations & partnerships
  • Online publication outreach 
  • Proper pitching techniques 

12 Week Product Focused Accelerator

Are you more established in your business and need support developing a digital learning experience out of your content? 

*This one to one 12 session accelerator package is designed for coaches, consultants, & course creators looking to transform their content into an impactful shared learning experience online.

5 Steps to create and launch your digital learning product. 

  1. Validate through the customer discovery process  
  2. Create your product roadmap
  3. Define your framework & outline your content 
  4. Optimize the learning experience
  5. Launch!

Whether your goal is to create a group coaching experience, a membership site, or a fully automated digital course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure to feeling confident in having your content organized, structured, and purposefully designed into an impactful and meaningful learning experience.

Complimentary Consultation

I offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation session to see where you are in your business and if we’re a good fit for one another.

 Find a time that works for you!

Interested in working together in other ways?

Are the collaboration juices flowing? One of my favorite things in life is collaborating with other like minded individuals who are inspired to bring even more value to others by joining forces.